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The bridge is a way to bridge your serial connection to a TCP server.

The bridge contains the following built-in features not available on the TCP server:
  • HTTP requests (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH and DELETE)
  • On-bridge debugging
  • Client updating

Bridge feature docs

HTTP requests
You can do an HTTP request by doing the next serial command to the bridge:
  • method: GET, POST, PUT, PATCH or DELETE
  • url including scheme (http or https, ex. https://tinet.tkbstudios.com/)
  • headers: correctly formatted headers
  • body: correctly formatted body
This method returns the raw content bytes.
On-bridge debugging
Sending the following line will print the debug information to the bridge console:
Client updating
By sending the following command to the bridge, you will receive a chunk of 512 bytes of the newest client file.
  • version: prerelease or
After receiving the 512 bytes, send UPDATE_CONTINUE to the bridge to receive the next 512 bytes, etc..
If all the bytes were sent, the bridge will send UPDATE_DONE and you can stop waiting for the bytes.