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These are the TCP docs, here are all the TCP commands documented
TINET-TERM for developers
You can use TINET-TERM to work on the TCP side of TINET if you are a developer that wants to build on TINET.
Server address for the TCP server is the following:
  • domain: tinethub.tkbstudios.com
  • port: 2052
TCP side also has rate limiting, your command will be dropped if you send too much commands, your command will be dropped and won't be executed.

Outgoing TCP commands


  • Description: Returns "PONG" to check if the server is still connected.

GPT:message (Work in Progress)

  • Description: Allows communication with ChatGPT. Further details may be under development.


  • Description: Returns account information in the following format:
    • user_id: int
    • username: max. 18 chars
    • last_login: Epoch time
    • plan: "free", "pro" or "OG"
    • total_requests: int
    • time_online: seconds
    • user_public: 1 for true and 0 for false


  • Description: Sends a message to the recipient, where recipient can be "global" for global messages or a friend's username for DM (DMs are work in progress).

GET_BUCKET_CONTENT:bucketname (Work in Progress)

  • Description: Retrieves a list of files in the specified bucket, returning filenames. filename1;filename2;filename3

GET_BUCKET_FILE:bucketname:filename (Work in Progress)

  • Description: Retrieves the contents of a specific file from a bucket, returning file bytes.

DELETE_BUCKET_FILE: bucketname:filename (Work in Progress)

  • Description: Deletes a file from a bucket, with success and error responses.

CREATE_BUCKET:name (Work in Progress)

  • Description: Creates a new bucket, with success and error responses.

DELETE_BUCKET:bucketname (Work in Progress)

  • Description: Deletes a bucket, with success and error responses.

UPLOAD_TO_BUCKET:bucketname:filename (Work in Progress)

  • Description: Uploads a file to a bucket, with success and error responses.

LIST_REPO:category (Work in Progress)

  • Description: Lists repositories by category, returning filenames, with an error response.
  • Categories: "games", "tools", "oiramlevels", "geodashlevels"


  • Description: Retrieves an ad with the following format:


  • Description: Notifies the server that the calculator has been disconnected, triggering the login process for the bridge's auto-reconnect feature.


  • Description: Sent when connecting to the TCP server, likely handled automatically.

Incoming TCP data

RTC_CHAT: recipient: timestamp: username: message

  • This is received every time a message is being sent in TINET Chat.
  • Recipient: username or a global chatroom name (global, etc.. more are coming later), max. 18 chars
  • Timestamp is an epoch timestamp
  • Username: max. 18 chars
  • Message: limited to 300 chars (gets cut off by servers)

GAME_INVITE: sender: game (Work In Progress)

  • This is received every time a friend invites you to play a game
  • sender: max. 18 chars and limited to friendlist
  • game: name of the game (ex. tictactoe, chess, etc.. funnier games will be coming later), limited to 16 chars