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A set of calculator services.

What is TINET?

TINET is a set of services for your calculator TI-84 Plus (CE) series graphing calculator, you can also use it to let TINET handle authentication and profiles for your program (ex. a multiplayer game with statistics)
TINET was initially a way to connect your calculator to the internet, but now uses lwIP-CE for better and more stable communication
TINET stands for TI-84 Plus CE Net (which was the old name)

How did TINET come to my mind?

I discovered the gCn project but didn't work when I wanted to try it out, so I just did what every crazy developer would and created TINET

What will TINET create and host?

  • Online storage for programs on your calculator
  • Gossamer-like browser
  • Multiplayer game hosting (imagine OIRAM, but multiplayer :p)

What can TINET do currently?

  • A chat bridged on all platforms (discord and web)
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