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This page shows you how to install TINET to use it
If you are on Windows, please make sure to have the correct drivers installed for the bridge to work!
If you are on TI OS 5.5.3 or higher please install the arTIfiCE "jailbreak"
  • Create an account here.
  • Then on the dashboard download your keyfile.
Keyfile zone on dashboard
Where to download the keyfile on the dashboard
Be sure not to share your keyfile with anyone as it contains your login credentials (username and calc key which is not your password but could still allow people to log into your account).
  • Download clibs.8xg
  • Download the latest release of the client and bridge. On Linux, the bridge can be cloned easily using git clone https://github.com/tkbstudios/tinet-bridge for the main branch. git clone -b dev https://github.com/tkbstudios/tinet-bridge for the dev branch.
Download TINET.8xp from release you want on github
Download TINET.8xp from the release you want
Dev (DEV-x) versions are the most updated but are not guaranteed to be stable like stable versions (Vx.x.x).
They also offer a lot of bug fixes to known bugs in Stable releases.
You choose which release you want, we still recommend you choose.

How to transfer over the files.

Chrome OS
The easiest way on Windows (7, 8, 10, 11) is to use TI-Connect CE
Another method is using TiLP.
ticalc.link is not a recommended method on Windows as there are many driver issues.
The easiest method to transfer files on Linux is to use TiLP or ticalc.link. Note that ticalc.link only works with compatible WebSerial browsers like Google Chrome.
Currently you can use TiLP on MacOS , ticalc.link, and TI Connect CE.
On Chrome OS you can use ticalc.link or TI Connect CE for Chrome OS both of these options are known to be buggy. If you have Linux on your Chromebook you should be able to use TiLP.
Please make sure that you have Python 3.11 (Or 3.12 beta) and pip3. Python can be installed on Windows at the Microsoft Store here (recommended) or from python.org here. On Linux Python can be installed with: sudo apt install python3 python3-pip
  • Navigate to your folder containing the extracted or cloned repository.
  • Run this command in that directory/folder to install the required Python dependencies. python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt